Hermes Partnership organized in conjunction to BODYNETS 2012, Oslo, Norway a workshop on Standardization of Body Area Networks

This workshop was organized by Hermes PArtnership in cooperation with Bodynets 2012 and ETSI. The workshop was chaired by Dr. John Farserotu, Head Wireless Research an CSEM, Swiss
Affiliation of chair of the workshop: Dr. John Farserotu


Further to the workshop and a follow up meeting the ETSI board decided to establish a TC Smart BAN
Workshop conclusions and follow up

Workshop agenda, introductionary talks and speaches:

Call for Papers/ Agenda of the Workshop

1) Prof. dr. Huan-Bang Li, affiliation, "Body Area Network and Its Standardization with IEEE 802.15.6", [speaker + abstract], [presentation]

2) Dr. Sebastiano Schillaci, THALES ITALIA S.p.A., "Body Area Networks in Defence Applications", [speaker + abstract], [presentation]

3) Dr. Guido Dolmans, Stichting IMEC, The Netherlands"BAN and PN in health", [speaker + abstract], [presentation]

4) Ir. Fred Dijkstra, Xsens, The Netherlands, "Requirements for BAN and BAN standardization from the point of view of gaming", [speaker + abstract][presentation], [Demo film: TED, behind the scene motion capture]

5) Prof. Dr. Sonia Heemstra De Groot, Twente Institute of TechnoIogy-(TI-WMC) Enschede, The Netherlands, "Requirements for BAN and PN in safety", [speaker + abstract][presentation]

6) Dr. Rita Paradiso, Smartex, Italia"Electronic Textile Platforms for Monitoering in a Natural Environment", [speaker + abstract], [presentation]

7) Hirokazu Tanaka, ph.D., Toshiba Corporation, Japan, "Personal smart health care applications employing BAN and PAN", [speaker + abstract], [presentation]

8) Dr. Igor Minaev, ETSI, France, "ETSI standardization machine, conditions and tools to develop standards", [speaker + abstract], [presentation]


Workshop conclusions and follow up