Hermes Partnership in cooperation with The Intervention Centre of Oslo University Hospital and COST Action  IC0905 - TERRA as co-organizer/sponsor organized a workshop on Sensor Communications & Tech­no­lo­­­gies, Body Area Networks, e-health Services and Standardization  in conjunction to 2014- 8th International Symposium on Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT-2014).

Date of the workshop: April, 4, 2014, Florence, Italy


Photo's: Impression of participants group (left), Dr. ir. Guido Dolmans, IMEC (right)

In the workshop we had 14 presentations, including two key note talks combined with ISMICT-2014. Around 20 -22 persons participated in the workshop, including a couple of invited PhD students from Tokio University and the University of Florence. Results of the workshop will contribute to the Hermes/ ETSI SmartBAN initiative and further discussions within the group of participants.  

Speakers, Affiliations, title of the presentation, abstract, presentations

Dr. Benoit Abeloos, Research Programme Officer EC eHealth, [abstract + short bio], [presentation]

Dr. Hiro Tanaka, Toshiba, Personal Smart healthcare using Body Area Networks, [abstract + short bio], [presentation]

Dr. Raul Chávez-Santiago, Oslo University Hospital, Norway, "Dual Band Cognitive Radio for Wearable Sensors in Hospitals",  [abstract + short bio], [presentation] 

Dr. Christos Verikoukis, Telecommunications Technological Centre of Catalonia, Spain, "Marie-Curie Project on m-Health", [abstract + short bio], [presentation]

Dr. Mickael Maman, CEA LETI, Greneble, France, "Research Trends in Wireless Body Area Networks: From On-Body to Body-to-Body Cooperation", [abstract + short bio], [presentation] 

Dr. Vincent Peiris, CSEM, Swiss, "Ultra-low-power integrated radios for wireless body area networks", [abstract + short bio], [presentation]

Dr. Ruchir Sarawatt, Imperial College, UK, "Low Power EMI Mitigation Strategies Utilizing Non-PLL Based Periodic and Chaotic SSC Profiles for Implanted Devices", [abstract + short bio], [presentation not available]

Dr. Yan Zhang / Caixing Shao, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway, "Secure Data Discovery and Dissemination for Wireless Body Area Networks", [abstract + short bio], [presentation available in member area]

Prof. dr. Ryuji Kohno, YNU, Japan, "Future Business of Dependable BAN", [abstract + short bio], [presentation not available]

Dr. John Farserotu, CSEM, Swiss, "ETSI SmartBAN", [abstract + short bio], [presentation not available]

Dr. Henrik Sjöland, Lund University, Sweden, "Receiver architecture suitable for devices in wireless body area networks", [abstract + short bio], [presentation]

Dr. ir. Guido Dolmans, IMEC Netherlands, "Person-Centric Microelectronic Sensor Systems", [abstract + short bio], [presentation]

Prof. dr. Lukasz Januszkiewicz, Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Electronics, Poland, "Simplified human body models for Interference analysis in the Cognitive Radio for Medical Body Area Networks", [abstract + short bio], [presentation]

Dr. Rita Paradiso, Smartex, Italy, Textile Sensing Platforms for remote Monitoring of Physical Interaction with the Environment, [abstract + short bio], [presentation]


Photo's: Dr. Benoit Abeloos, Research Programme Officer EC eHealth (left), Prof. dr. Ryuji Khono, Univ of Tokio (right) 

Participant/ presenters evaluation of the workshop

Participant number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Judge: poor: 1,   excellent: 5            
Spread of the different topics in the workshop: 4 4   4 5 4 4
Technical content of the presentations in the workshop: 4 5   3 5 4 4/5
Possibility for discussions with other participants: 5 5   3 4 3 3
Relevance of the presentations: 5 5   4 5 4 4
Are the presentations and discussions relevant for your activities 5 4   4 5 5 4
What is your overall judge of the workshop? 4.5 5 4 4 5 4 4/5