Ecma International General Assembly has approved the draft technical report TR/xx on Personal Networks for unrestricted download

Hermes Partnership is happy to announce ECMA's International General Assembly has approved the final draft technical report of TC32 TR/xx on Personal Networks “ Personal Networks – Overview and Standardization Needs” for unrestricted download.
Personal Networks, or PNs for short, make it easy and secure to interconnect people's electronic devices. They enable the usage of personal devices and applications in a completely new way. Imagine users controlling their front door using their mobile phones or seamlessly accessing files stored on their office PC with their personal Internet tablet from home.

The research yielding the report is performed in the project Magnet Beyond, in which a huge number of Hermes Partners were involved.

Today, most users of electronic devices, including mobile phones, struggle with setting up both wired and wireless networking between their devices even though several network technologies, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, are available in most devices. However, there is no reason why it should be like this. Ecma believes that connecting your electronic devices and using them together should be both easy and secure.

PNs make secure and ubiquitous communication using personal devices over any network technology a reality by providing automatic configuration of networking and security, and offering users access to their Services across their PNs. PNs can run with existing hardware, including embedded systems, and use any communication technology, such as Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, WiMedia, 3G/LTE, and WiMAX.

With PNs, applications and services on people's devices can start to interact with each other allowing for telecommunications, access and synchronization of documents, remote monitoring and control, multimedia, as well as medical applications. It can also connect with cloud-based services or wireless sensor networks for Internet of Things applications. For instance, it becomes possible to build a single personal virtual file system that contains all storage on all a person's devices as well as cloud-based storage.

Martin Jacobsson, Ignas Niemegeers, Sonia Heemstra de Groot, "Personal Networks: Wireless Networking for
Personal Devices", ISBN 978-0-470-68173-2, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, May 2010.

Link to the report: TC32 ECMA TR/XX Personal Networks - Overview and Standardizations Needs