Hermes Partnership: strengthening wireless communications research

Without doubt wireless radio transmission and networks are the pillars of today's state of art in ICT technologies. Leading European research institutions, universities and industries strengthen their efforts by cooperation in the Hermes Partnership. The partnership operates as an European Centre of Excellence and offers the members a platform for in-depth scientific discussions on themes as wireless communications, network technologies, future internet and network infrastructures, Internet of Things (IoT), Personal Networks, Body Area Networks, Bio-inspired communications, Nano communications, future radio including Tera Herz technology, etc.

5G-Beyond, Hermes Partnership's vision on future End to End Communications

In the first half year of 2019 Hermes Partnership members discussed the state of the art in end to end (E2E) communications. During these discussion we observed certain developments which lead to a vision on strategies for future E2E communications. Please find this vision here.

At June 16, 2020, a consotium formed as a follow up on the discussions mentioned above has submitted a proposal to Call Horizon 2020 ICT-52-2020, Full Project name:

Application-driven High-Precision Cooperative Intelligent Architecture

Project acronym: APPRECIATE


The use of wearables and body sensor devices is rapidly growing in the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, digital health, a convergence of digital technologies and health (Wikipedia), is emerging.

SmartBAN aims at a "smart" solution for BAN with improved and dedicated performance for medical, health improvement and sport and leisure applications, further to existing BAN standards. It covers:

  • communication and the associated physical layer (PHY) and the Medium access control (MAC) layer,
  • network layer, security, Quality of Service (QoS) and provision of generic applications and services,
  • a start network around a "smart" hub such as handset or a watch, performing the option of multi-hop relay.

SmartBAN has been started as research initiative of Hermes Partnership and is now carried out as a Technical Working Group of ETSI. SmartBAN has been presented during the IoT week October 2018. Please look here for the presentation.

Workshop Announcements