Hermes Partnership: strengthening wireless communications research

Without doubt wireless radio transmission and networks are the pillars of today's state of art in ICT technologies. Leading European research institutions, universities and industries strengthen their efforts by cooperation in the Hermes Partnership. The partnership operates as an European Centre of Excellence and offers the members a platform for in-depth scientific discussions on themes as wireless communications, network technologies, future internet and network infrastructures, Internet of Things (IoT), Personal Networks, Body Area Networks, Bio-inspired communications, Nano communications, future radio including Tera Herz technology, etc.

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Examples of Hermes research

Research on SMART ICT in Dementia Care
Hermes Partnership is investigating new smart ICT based facilities in Dementia Care. We have contacted out- standing parties in Dementia Care and dementia living societies. The new facilities and care concepts are based on state of the art technologies and approaches such as Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Village, Smart Support and Body Area Networks (BAN) technology.


Hermes Partners and other make progress in the realization of SmartBAN, a Smart Body Area Network technologie (Wireless BAN, Personal BAN, Personal Networks etc.) in health, wellness, leisure, sport and other relevant domains.

Modern medical and health monitoring equipment are moving towards the trend of wireless connectivity between the data collection or control centre and the medical devices or sensors. Therefore, the need for a standardised communication interface and protocol between the actors are required. This network of actors performing some medical monitoring or functions is called a Smart Body Area Network.

The SmartBAN initiative has been started after discussions within Hermes Partnership and - in particular -  after a succesfull workshop organized during BODYNETS 2012, Oslo, Norway.

Now SmartBAN is supported by a number of of outstanding industries, research organizations and academic institutions. SmartBAN is developed and faciltated under auspices of ETSI.

SmartBAN's scope includes communication media, and associated physical layer, network layer, security, QoS and lawful intercept, and also provision of generic applications and services (e.g. web) for standardisation in the area of Body Network Area technologies.

SmartBAN includes several Use Cases such as:
- Safety Monitoring
- Fall Monitoring
- Stress Monitoring
- Sleep Monitoring
- Abnormal Cardiad Rhytmn Monitoring
- Blood Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring
- Apnea Monitoring
- Monitoring in sports
- .... more
- .... more




More information on SmartBAN can be given by:
Chair of the ETSI Technical Comittee: Dr. John Farserotu, email:
ETSI technical officer: Dr.Marcello.Pagnozzi, email: